Laura G. Funderburk

Data Scientist

Mini talk (PyLadies Global)


I work as a Data Scientist at Cybera. Prior to this role, I worked as a Data Science Intern for the Callysto Project, a federally-funded program that supports Grades 5-12 students and teachers across Canada. Between September 2018 and June 2021 I worked a part time position supporting DevOps-related tasks for the iReceptor Project, a platform whose goal is facilitating access to a distributed network of AIRR-seq repositories.


I love using Python, Bash and R to tackle problems involving data science and have an affinity for problems involving social inequality. My hope is for my work to inspire people who form part of minority groups to take leadership and professional roles in data science.


You can find a few interactive visualizations I have developed as part of the Callysto and iReceptor projects. Callysto materials operate under the Creative Commons Attribution License. iReceptor scripts operate under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0

Workshops & Talks

I learn a lot by designing workshops and talks - it forces me to put into simple words the problems I spend time solving. Below is a list of talks and workshops I have delivered since I started my B.Sc. in Math.

Title Language/Theme Date Location/Organization Link
Case study: modelling traditional Coast Salish fishing practices with open science and the Jupyter ecosystem Jupyter, Python December 2021 AGU Fall Meeting 2021 Slideshow
Python Dash Workshop (co-facilitated with Hanh Tong) Python programming September 2021 Vancouver Datajam 2021 GitHub Repo
Data workflows Data science good practices (Python) August 2021 Data Science for Albertans Fellowship GitHub Repo
Transitioning from Academia into Intustry Career development August 2021 Math to the Power of Industry GitHub Repo
Ethics for Data Scientists Data science and fairness (Python) August 2021 Math to the Power of Industry GitHub Repo
Modelling Coast Salish Fish Traps Math Modelling (Python) July 2021 2021 Diversity in Math High School Math Camp: Indigenous Students GitHub Repo
Promoting Cross-Cultural Understanding with Python and Jupyter Math Modelling (Python) March 2021 PyLadies International Women's Day GitHub Repo
The Unfair Dice Problem (online) Math Modelling (Python) March 2021 Women in Data Science, University of Calgary Edition GitHub Repo
The Unfair Dice Problem (online) Math Modelling (Python) September 2020 Changing the Culture 2020 GitHub Repo
Modelling the COVID19 Outbreak in Canada (online) Math Modelling (Python) August 2020 Diversity In Mathematics 2020 GitHub Repo
Reproducible Research Using Python (online) Python & Jupyter July 2020 Research Commons GitHub Repo
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) with R R September 2019 RLadies, Vancouver Chapter GitHub Repo
Bash Scripting, Cluster Computing Resources Bash July 2019 SciProg GitHub Repo
Population Differentiation of Clam Species in BC (B.Sc. Thesis) Math Modelling (R) April 2019 BC Undergraduate Mathematics & Statistics Conference Slideshow
Introduction to Python Python & Jupyter July 2018 SciProg GitHub Repo
Introducing Interactivity into Jupyter Notebooks Python & Jupyter October 2018 SciProg GitHub Repo
Introduction to Pandas Python & Jupyter April 2018 SciProg GitHub Repo
Game Theory meets the Network Security Problem Math Modelling July 2017 Introduction to Game Theory, LMU Slideshow
Latin Square Graphs Math Modelling July 2016 Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference 2016 Slideshow

Tech Skills

  • Python
    • DS: Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Plotly
    • Requests, json, Seaborn, Scikit-learn
    • Python environments, Dash and dashboards
    • Jupyter lab/notebook
  • Web development
      Functional HTML/CSS
  • Bash/Shell
    • Command line use and navigation
    • Scripting, secure shelling, cronjob setup
    • Docker, Cloud Computing usage
  • Tech collaboration
    • GitHub, JIRA, Agile, Slack, Discord

Academic & Professional Achievements


B.Sc. Mathematics at SFU


  • SciPy 2021 Scholarship
  • 2019 Terry Fox Gold Medal
  • 2018 SFU Math Award
  • 2017 Erasmus+ Grant
  • 2015 VPR Research Award
  • Community Work

    Python & Math Event Organization

  • Vancouver Datajam 2020 sponsorship manager, 2021 event chair
  • PyLadies Vancouver co-organizer
  • Hackseq 2020 organizer and team lead
  • EuroPython 2021 FinAid volunteer
  • 2019 British Columbia Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics Conference event co-organizer
  • Open Source Contributions

  • Testbook
  • Surepy
  • PPB
  • Fairlearn
  • SciPy